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Full Service Graphic Design

Exhibits on the Net offers complete portable trade show graphics for every display we carry. Trade show display graphics are a great way to capture your audience, but if the graphics for the trade show display are not designed correctly you could be losing valuable clients. Our trade show graphic design service is offered to help all of our customers create the best possible trade show display for their needs. We offer graphic design as an added service to our trade show displays.

We specialize in trade show exhibits and keep our prices low by not having a lot of overhead. We pass that along in our graphic design department which charges some of the lowest rates in the industry. Our main goal is to create a successful trade show for all of our customers. Not only do we offer graphic design service, but our design staff is ready to help customers who are designing graphics in house. If you ever have any questions about how to create successful trade show graphics we are here to help at no additional cost. Our goal is to create a successful trade show for our clients whether we design the display or not.

Exhibits on the Net offers a full service graphic design department that is educated in trade show advertising and marketing to develop success trade show graphics to increase our clients business.

Graphic Design Rates and Fees

Graphic design rates are $95 per hour of actual design time, $75 per hour if purchased with the display, this means actual design work, you are not charged for talking on the phone about the design or preliminary layouts. We quote every job to give you a total cost of the profect, as opposed to leaving an open ended price.

Advantages of Using Exhibits on the Net For Graphic Design

Exhibits on the Net is experienced in working with very large display designs and can efficiently develop large scale graphics.

Graphic Design

The experience of our display design team and the resources in our trade show graphics lab enable us to create an incredibly diverse suite of products showcasing the range of our graphic design capabilities.

Our graphic design team is capable of helping your company create many different marketing tools to help build your brand. Our design portfolio offers samples of our work.

Fixed Graphics Pricing


We accept Adobe Illustrator 8.0 or later, Adobe Photoshop 5.0 or later, QuarkXpres 3.3 or later, and InDesign file formats.


Artwork should be sized to the final output size with the necessary file extensions (i.e., .AI, .PSD). Create the layout as one page, do not separate the panels. Please refer to the Mural Panel Dimension Specifications (MPDS) sheet for the display you are purchasing. If you did not receive a MPDS sheet please contact your Sales Associate.


Convert all fonts to outlines, if this is not possible include all fonts that were used in your file on the disk with your artwork.


Photoshop images or scans should have a minimum resolution of 180 (dots per inch) at the final size for output. For example, if your image is ¼ scale, the image should be set at 700 dpi.


We accept CD-Rom, DVD-ROM, and Zip disks.


Small files or missing elements, up to 1MB, can be emailed.


JPEG proofs are provided on all jobs. Please provide the email address you wish to have the proofs sent.

To get more information on trade show graphics or our other graphic design capabilities, contact our helpful staff by phone at 1-818-563-3322 or by email at